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Old school sofa beds require the mattress to be folded and tucked away inside the sofa, it's an afterthought designed to be an extra "bonus" within your sofa. We all have memories of bars in our back and squeaky springs rattling under us. 

What makes us different?

The design of our sofa beds begins with the mattress. High quality mattresses are the basis of each one of our sofa beds. No bars, no rattles, no folded mattress. 

Our Mattresses


10 inch pocket coil mattress view of inside


The 10" pocket coils provide a softer sofa comfort. Each coil is encased to ensure long lasting and consistent support throughout. Layers of foam core and fibre fill create an added barrier of extra absorption and increased comfort. You'll find this mattress in our Soho and Movie Night collections.



7 inch pocket coil mattress inside view
Just like our 10" Premium mattress, the individual pockets in these models ensure that pressure is applied to each individual spring for better support – in seating as well as sleeping position. The high resilient foam casing contributes to a breathable mattress while providing a soft top support. 
You'll find our 7" Premium mattress in our Nest and Hermod Collections.



No-zag Spring mattress solid wood construction inside viewExclusive to our Stretch Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Collection. Our No-Zag Spring mattress provides an even and soft comfort ideal for sofa seats and backrests. The thick layer of high resilient foam enhances the comfort of the spring to ensure a great sleeping experience as well. This is the ideal mattress for those looking for a firm support.