Our sofa beds are different. If you have ever owned a sleeper sofa in the past you are familiar with the heavy, uncomfortable and noisy contraptions that are on the market. We've looked at what you don't want in a sofa bed and created something you do. 


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Innovative design:

Innovative sofa bed designWe redesigned the sofa bed. By researching sofa beds and pull-out bed alternatives, such as the futon, day bed, trundle and click clack we were able to take what works and what doesn't from each and create the perfect solution. While most traditional sofa beds hide the mattress away inside the seat, we made the seat a part of the mattress. This eliminated the need to settle for a thin mattress that had to be tucked away. The result is a clean look and a premium mattress with only comfort in mind. 

Pocket coil mattress:

pocket coil mattressOur innovative design along with a desire to sell only the best, means you get a premium mattress to sleep on. Pocket coils make all the difference in quality, comfort and longevity of a sofa bed. They provide superior support across the body and most importantly, retain their shape even after years of use. The individual coil encasements allow sleepers to rest soundly even when their partner moves or gets up. 

The majority of sofa beds on the market are made from foam. Foam when used on a large piece of furniture does not provide the support required and breaks down very easily resulting in indents and outright seat failure preventing a comfortable seat or sleep.

Flat pack shipping:

All our sofa beds are shipped in pieces, this has several advantages; 

1. Free shipping! Keeping shipping boxes to a manageable size means they ship more economically. This allows us to offer free shipping all across the Continental United States. Shipping to Canada is $149. (Shipping to Canada? Check our Canadian website, you'll get free shipping there!)

2. Easy access! Small doorways, narrow hallways, stairs and elevators are often a big hinderance to the size of furniture you can bring into your home. Flat pack furniture can get into any space. Many of our customers have large basements yet the narrow staircase and tight corners had previously limited their furniture options. We've made it possible for them to make the most of their space.


All our upholstery fabrics are exclusive to us and chosen for their durability, ease of care and style. Our frames are constructed with solid wood or metal depending on the model. No particle board or other inferior materials are used in any of our construction. Maintaining healthy air quality and ensuring optimal environmental standards are met are very important to us, thus no flame retardants or stain retardants have been used on any of our products.


modern sofa bedDesigned in Denmark is a seal we wear with great pride. Our sofa beds don't just function great and provide a comfortable place to sit and sleep. They enhance your living space through great design.