I need a sofa bed to go on the top floor, down a long hallway and around a tight corner. Is this even possible?

Yes! Our sofa beds are designed in Denmark, where small spaces and tight places are age old design considerations. All of our sofa beds come disassembled which allows you to bring them piece by piece through nearly any awkward or tight space. In fact, some of our largest sofa beds are actually the easiest to move around! If you are still not sure, just give us a shout and we'll gladly give you the dimensions that you will need to ensure it gets where it needs to go.  

Sofa beds are accommodating, but can they actually be comfortable?

Our sofa beds really are comfortable, both as a sofa and as a bed. They are well designed and well constructed from high quality materials. While most companies manufacture sofa beds from inferior foam or cheap springs, our sofas are made from a combination of high quality freon-free foam and pocket springs. The pocket springs keep the sofa's shape, provide structure and comfort, while a thick layer of freon-free foam separates the springs from the surface ensuring a comfortable seat and sleep. 

I have kids, they're great but maybe a little messy. How easy are your sofa beds to keep clean?

Like any sofa, frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning spills as soon as they happen are the best way to ensure it stays cleaner longer. We use 100% polyester for our upholstery because it is an easy care fabric with built in stain resistance.   

Where do you ship to?

The Sofa Bed Store USA offers free delivery most areas within 150 miles of NYC. Some areas outside of this radius may also fit into our delivery area, please contact us to be sure.


What makes your sofa beds better than the rest?

Two words, COMFORT and QUALITY. Our customers are continuously surprised just how comfortable our sofa beds really are. Our pocket spring mattresses are 7-10" thick allowing your guests to feel like they are sleeping on a bed. The smart design of each sofa is unlike anything else, every detail is considered to maximize your space and ensure you love using your sofa bed as both a couch and a bed. Built to be movable, modular, modern and sleek, we have a sofa bed for any space.

I'm still not sure which one is really right for me? Can you help?

Sure! We know our sofa beds inside and out. Have a particular size constraint, design dilemma or just need a recommendation? We're here to help. Contact us at usa@thesofabedstore.com and we'll be happy to help.