3 Beautiful Micro-Homes from Around the World

Living in an urban core can come with great conveniences. You can walk most places, public transit is more accessible, best pick of restaurants, little to no yard to manage... Of course it also means we live in smaller spaces, a trend that will only increase as our population continues to grow. We've put together 10 pretty amazing ways people are managing on smaller and smaller floor plans through innovative micro apartments. 

1. London, England

London Loft Small Space Living

The main living space of this simple London loft feels much larger than it is with all the natural light coming in from the window and skylights. The back wall offers storage and display space while also doubling as the staircase to the bedroom. 

Small space beautiful london loft

Separated from the living room by the washroom, the kitchen feels spacious and clean. Keeping the flow of the home similar throughout makes this space so much more open and inviting than most smaller homes. 

london flat mezzanine

A mezzanine above the washroom reveals the light filled bedroom. The same built in shelving extends all the way up the wall shared by the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Clean and simple, doesn't even feel small!


Nothing about this washroom feels micro. The wall length mirror and ample shower feel nothing but spacious. 

Credit Dornob.com

2. Wroclaw, Poland 

micro apartment in poland 

Measuring just 13 square metres, this micro-apartment by Polish designer Szymon Hanczar, is the smallest on our list. Clean and simple, with minimal clutter, this light filled home even manages to squeeze in ensuite laundry. What else do you need?

micro apartment

small apartment style

A hammock makes the space a bit more playful, while the bike rack keeps the limited floor space free.

cooking in a small apartment 

While it might not be a chef's kitchen, waking up to espresso in a light filled home makes for a pretty happy space :) 

credit: Dezeen

3. New York, USA

 New York small house

This welcoming home in Manhattan’s Upper West Side is a real architectural and design accomplishment. While most micro-apartments try to present a clean, minimalist style, only a very well designed one can pull off the bespoke style this studio exudes. 

fireplace micro apartment

A grand fireplace  complete with pillars in a 240 square foot shoebox? Sure, we'll make it work. 

custom micro kitchen

Custom cabinetry keeps the necessities in place and makes use of every available space for storage. 

loft bedroom

The loft bedroom above the kitchen manages to look luxurious despite its tight quarters. Yes, there is even a library nook.

library nook

Credit Dwell